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Orwig's Tubs, or OLS Tubs are a low moisture, molasses-based lick tub manufactured in North Dakota.  These tubs have many advantages over other products currently on the market, including the addition of AMAFERM (a very thoroughly university researched digestion enhancing ingredient), BIOMOS(immune booster), OXYGEN (cardiovascular health), chelated minerals, natural protein (no urea), concentrated vitamins, diatomaceous earth (natural insecticide/pesticide/dewormer), etc.  

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Our own, personal testimonial

Since implementing the OLS tubs into our feeding program in January of 2010, we have seen huge results, all around...

  • Reduction in the amount of forage that our horses need to maintain their overall condition.
  • Foaling ease with brighter, healthier foals than we have ever since.
  • Zero instances of retained placentas.
  • Better body condition on our mares, pre and post, foaling and weaning.
  • Vast improvements in the quality of our stallion's semen, both motility and concentration.
  • 100% conception on the first cycle on ALL our mares, including those who were short-cycled, one maiden, and one tough breeder.
  • Increased performance from the horses that we haul, reduced hauling stress, and improved endurance over long periods of hauling.
  • Reduced cribbing from the couple of horses around here that are notorious for it!
  • Reduced utilization of grain to supplement our horses when we were hauling, or using them more than usual.
  • Good rate of growth of our yearlings and two year olds, without the supplementation of grain or other high energy feed products.
  • Healthier looking horses...shinier coats and brighter eyes.

    ...and the only thing that we changed was our mineral program!  We can vouch for the fact that the mineral really does pay for itself (and then some) at our place, when all of the above is considered.